The annual powerful event ‘DNB Strong Race’ was supported by MONUM 09.05.2016

On 7 May, the patriotic and exciting DNB Strong Race took place for the eighth time, with the support from ’MONUM’, where more than 4,500 runners participated.

DNB Strong Race is an endurance competition in honour of the anniversary of the restoration of Latvia’s independence. The event provides an opportunity for the strongest Latvians to celebrate the National holiday in an unconventional way by demonstrating determination and power of unity, and helping each other. “Let’s be strong and run for a strong Latvia!” – said the President of Latvia, Raimonds Vejonis (Raimonds Vējonis), to address the participants of the race last year.

This year, the competition was held at “Zelta Zirgs” motorcycle track in Kegums. As usual, most participants competed in the Mass team and in the men’s group. The adult race included more than 1,500 men, 550 women and 600 teams. The participants had to overcome various jumps and hills of the motorcycle track, cross over several water bodies and run through swamps, trenches and forests. The total track length was more than nine kilometres and included 33 obstacles.

The winner of the Elite group women’s competition is Inga Dauksane (Inga Daukšāne), who has won the strong race several times before. Arturs Paulins (Artūrs Pauliņš) is the winner of the professional men’s group competition, and “Aluksnes Klondaika” is the best team in this group. In the Mass group, Ilze Meijere was the fastest runner. Artis Pucitis (Artis Pūcītis) is the best competitor in the men’s group this year. Meanwhile, the State Police Riga Regional Administration’s second quartet celebrated victory in the team competition.

For the first time, all participants of this year’s strong race who completed the whole race received special commemorative medals.