MONUM is one of the leaders of the construction industry in Latvia, which specializes in the implementation of civil and industrial construction projects of various scales and complexity, performs infrastructure construction works, as well as the construction or reconstruction of streets and roads. During the implementation process of every project, the company applies a strategy that ensures excellent performance at any stage of construction, starting with the idea and ending with project implementation and commissioning.

Since the establishment of MONUM in 2005, the company has reconstructed public, sports and educational buildings, health care buildings, as well as developed several ambitious infrastructure projects in more than 30 Latvian cities.

MONUM is proud of such important urban projects as the construction of the Sigulda State Gymnasium and Sports Center buildings, the Ogre State Gymnasium and Sports Center buildings, the Alūksne Sports and Education Center buildings, as well as the construction of strategically important objects – the border points of Pāternieki and Terehova.

The company also operates in the segment of construction of multi-apartment residential houses. Several residential projects have been created in cooperation with private customers, including Divi Krasti in Ķengaraga and Deglava Painters’ Residence in Pļavnieki.

MONUM employs an average of 100 employees – experienced project managers, construction managers, estimators, procurement specialists, quality managers, administrative staff, and other professionals.

The company’s mission is to create lasting value by developing and maintaining sustainable, safe, environmentally, and socially friendly construction process management. By ensuring the implementation of innovations daily, MONUM proves itself as a knowledgeable and reliable cooperation partner and a sought-after employer.

Constructing for you!

Quality standards

MONUM’s management guideline is a long-standing belief that was formed by analysing the success factors in construction and developing operational standards that improve the quality of construction projects, as well as the implementation of environmental protection measures and the maintenance of employee health and work safety. To constantly improve the management of the company’s construction processes, MONUM has developed and continues to maintain the Integrated Management System, in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015. The areas of the company’s integrated management system are periodically audited, making sure that the company’s management complies with the requirements of the standards, to ensure efficient and productive operation, which focuses on the capacity to achieve common goals.


To constantly increase the sustainability and consistency of professional process management, the company annually reviews the processes of the Integrated Management System, performing a performance quality assessment of internal and external customers, suppliers, and specific outsourcing providers. Every year, the management review report analyses the performance of the previous period and sets measurable quality goals to maintain and improve the company’s performance and increase the professional capacity of employees.

The basic principles of MONUM’s daily operation have remained unchanged for more than 17 years, offering the best solutions to fulfil the client’s requirements and wishes:

  • ensuring and maintaining appropriate quality;
  • observance of project construction deadlines;
  • adapting procedures according to circumstances, thus ensuring exemplary performance;
  • permanent and continuous improvement process in the field of project management;
  • fulfilment of the requirements of regulatory acts;
  • sustainability and profitability.


MONUM’s environmental policy complies with the requirements defined by the environmental regulatory acts of the Republic of Latvia and other regulatory acts. The company regularly controls the use of environmental resources, implements the use of environmentally friendly technologies and materials, thereby annually reducing the company’s potential damage to the surrounding environment.

The basic element of environmental policy implementation is knowledgeable, motivated, and involved company employees in the environmental management system, who understand the essential importance of environmental aspects in their work processes and are always looking for new opportunities to ensure environmental protection.

The overall goal of the company’s environmental policy is to ensure the realization of environmentally friendly construction by constantly identifying and evaluating potential environmental risks.

Work safety

Maintaining a safe working environment and determining protective measures, as well as the correct implementation of these measures, is an integral part of MONUM’s core business, which provides for permanent, practice-based planning and implementation of health and work safety guidelines. The occupational health and safety policy of the company has resulted in guidelines, the daily consistent observance of which ensures the occupational safety and health protection of employees, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia and other labour protection requirements.

Increasing the knowledge and competence of MONUM employees in the field of occupational safety promotes employees’ understanding of the need to comply with occupational safety regulations and helps to create a working environment in which employees and contracting parties work in harmless and safe workplaces, thus reducing the possibility of potential risks, the danger of illness or loss of life.

The main goal of the policy defined by the company is the continuous improvement of the labour protection system, assessment, and management of work environment risks in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 45001:2018 standard, maintaining and improving safe and healthy working conditions for employees.