‘RF MONUM’ – the BMX team supported by MONUM finishes 2nd in the European Cup 19.10.2015

The BMX European Cup ended on Sunday, 18 October in Manchester, Great Britain, with children, youth, and amateur rides.

Mikus Stradzins, who represented B15-16 group, won the final round and achieved a high result in the overall totals. Just like on Saturday, on Sunday also Vineta Petersone secured 3rd place in the girls group. Three B8 group Latvian riders made it to the finals, where Kristers Apels won 2nd place, Markus Ozolins 6th place, and Renars Ruza 8th place. Rihards Veide won 3rd place in the men’s elite group, while Edzus Treimanis finished 4th.

It is a great joy and pride that the ‘RF MONUM’ BMX team long supported by MONUM won the honourable 2nd place among 27 teams in the overall total scores.