MONUM BMX Cup Championship at Mežaparks Track on 29 August 2015 02.09.2015

The first MONUM BMX Cup Championship race took place at Mezaparks BMX track on 29 August. Around 200 talented BMX riders from various BMX clubs participated in the race to compete for MONUM prizes and medals in 18 different age and proficiency categories, as well as to compete for the main prize – the MONUM Challenge Cup – awarded to the best team.

The MONUM Latvian team was represented by 2015 World and European Championship finalists Mikus Strazdins, Reino Liepins, Filips Krists Rozitis, as well as 2015 European Champion Edvards Glazers, all of whom reached the highest places in the race.

As expected, it was especially exciting to watch the joint elite and junior group starts, where Latvian elite team member Kristens Krigers took the winning spot. The 2nd place was awarded to Kristaps Veksa, the 3rd place to Viesturs Morozs, the 4th to 8th places to Kaspars Erntsons, Ansis Uskaurs, Mikus Strazdins, Karlis Brikmanis and Helvijs Babris, respectively. MONUM awarded its prizes and medals to the 1st to 8th place winners. In addition, the joint elite and junior group winners received cash prizes in the total amount of EUR 950. MONUM ir pleased to announce that the MONUM Challenge Cup was awarded to the track hosts – the sports club ‘Rigas Favorits’.