A look back at the BMX Latvian Championship and the MONUM BMX Cup competition 03.07.2017

On 1 and 2 July, Mežaparks hosted the BMX Latvian Championships and the MONUM BMX Cup competition.

On the first day of the competition, in the elite men’s competition, victory went to MŠA – Valmieras puikas rider Rihards Veide, while Edžus Treimanis and MONUM-sponsored Rīgas Favorīts representative Kristaps Vekša also made it onto the winners’ podium. In the junior groups, the winners were Mikus Strazdiņš and Vineta Pētersone. Meanwhile, the club competition was won by Rīgas Favorīts.

The competition was just as intense on the second day of the event, and for the third consecutive year, riders in 18 different age group and skill categories competed for MONUM prizes and medals, as well as for the main prize for the strongest team, the travelling MONUM Cup. In recognition of the winners, the 1st–8th place finishers were presented with prizes and medals by MONUM, while the winners of the combined elite and junior group also received cash prizes worth a total of EUR 1,300. The MONUM travelling cup was won by the track hosts, Rīgas Favorīts Sports Club.