Sigulda Culture Center Among the most energy efficient buildings in Latvia 24.09.2020

The Sigulda Culture Centre (Sigulda Devon) reconstructed by MONUM was ranked second in the nomination for the “Most Energy Efficient Public Building in Latvia 2020” within the competition for the Most Energy Efficient Building in Latvia.

As a result of the reconstruction implemented by MONUM, Sigulda Devon has not only undergone significant repairs for the first time since its construction in 1962, but also acquired new rooms and technical capabilities.

Sigulda Devon has become a low-energy building equipped with a modern management system. The ventilation, heating, lighting and air conditioning systems of the building are automatically regulated and controlled. The management system regulates the largest energy consumers – the chilling plant, the heating unit and the ventilation equipment – as needed, significantly increasing the level of energy efficiency of the building.

The competition promotes good practice in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings through construction, renovation and reconstruction of energy efficient buildings. The competition is organised by the Ministry of Economics in collaboration with the magazine Būvinženieris and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development.

We say thank you to the Sigulda Municipality Council, which is the contracting authority of the project, as well as to the construction design authors ARH Stadija SIA and the construction supervisors Firma L4 SIA for efficient cooperation in the implementation of this project!

MONUM īstenotās pārbūves rezultātā Siguldas Devons ne tikai piedzīvojis pirmos būtiskos remontdarbus kopš tā uzcelšanas 1962. gadā, bet arī ieguvis jaunas telpas un tehniskās iespējas.