General construction

’MONUM’ as general contractor offers a full cycle construction services:

  • Design and supervision
  • General construction works, including the construction and construction management of new buildings
  • Renovation and reconstruction
  • Restauration
  • Project management.

The professionalism of our project managers as well as competence and experience of our construction managers, in collaboration with the leading Latvian construction professionals allows us to provide both civil construction (residential buildings, offices and shopping centers, public buildings, sports halls), industrial construction (workshops, warehouses, factories) and the construction of infrastructure (streets, roads, bridges, railway lines) projects.

The key performance criteria of ’MONUM’ are the quality and smart long-term solutions, expertise in project management, set deadlines and a high sense of responsibility for any work assigned.

Our performance is recognized by the Latvian construction market. We have received a number of motivational feedback and recommendations from our customers. ’MONUM’ is truly proud of clients who have repedly entrusted us to carry out their projects.