Expansion of water management networks in Jūrmala 2020

Jūrmala, Valteri and Krastciems

On 29 April 2020, MONUM, as the leading partner of the General Partnership MMG, signed a contract with Jūrmalas ūdens  Ltd. for the expansion of water management networks in Jūrmala, at the section of Valteri and Krastciems.

Alģirds Balta, Project Manager at MONUM, outlines the planned scope of work: “As part of the project, we will build water supply and sewerage networks measuring more than 30 kilometres in length. We will also restore the street pavement by constructing asphalt concrete pavement in an area of more than 27 thousand square metres. There is currently no water supply or sewerage in the place where the construction works will take place; therefore, this project is important for the development of water management in the whole Jūrmala City.”

We will start the work already in May this year. The project is set for completion next spring. The contracting authority of the project is Jūrmalas ūdens Ltd. and its cost is EUR 8 141 77.

Asphalt concrete pavement
more than 27 thousand square metres
Project costs
8 141 77 eur