Honouring the ancient traditions of construction, on 29 May a topping out ceremony was held at the MONUM project in Ķengarags, where the apartment houses Divi krasti (Two Riverbanks) are being built. The event took place in two parts, observing the restrictions set in the country, including the maximum number of people who are allowed to gather.

“The topping out ceremony is a tradition that symbolises the completion of the significant structures of the building and of the main construction works. This is the stage when the building has reached its highest point. Work on the assembly of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures has been completed in the project Divi krasti, and we are starting the assembly of indoor utilities, such as heating, water supply, low voltage and electricity systems. In June, we plan to start roofing, window assembly and facade finishing work,” Kaspars Brencis, Construction Project Manager at MONUM, outlines the status of the project. “Thank you to the team of this project – those who are involved in carrying out the work, the construction site team and the owner of the project for cooperation in its implementation. We are pleased that the work is progressing on schedule and in a quality manner,” says Kaspars Brencis.

The two multi-storey residential buildings of the project will offer 132 two-, three- and four-room apartments. The new buildings will make a modern addition to the existing neighbourhood. The owner of the project is K8 residences SIA.