At the end of July, the construction of the new natural sciences teaching block of Sigulda State Gymnasium at 7 Ata Kronvalda Street was completed. Representatives of the Sigulda Municipality Council, construction supervisors and architects got acquainted with the work done at the site of the gymnasium.

The new natural sciences block is an open and modern environment measuring more than three thousand square metres and offering eleven classrooms with laboratories and auxiliary rooms, as well as a multimedia auditorium and an information centre equipped with a digital library.

The new block of Sigulda State Gymnasium is an energy efficient building fitted with state-of-the-art lighting, ventilation and heat supply systems. The modern building comprises twelve classrooms, teachers’ rooms, a spacious dining room, an assembly hall, a library, an elevator and utility rooms.

The gymnasium is designed as an open and schoolchildren-friendly environment with a place for recreation and individual work, as well as a well-equipped school yard. The all-glass facade and the chosen colour solution create a dynamic and contemporary look.

More than 400 schoolchildren are going to start their studies in the newly built block of Sigulda State Gymnasium already in September this year. In turn, this July we started the second phase of the project: the reconstruction of the existing school building at 7 Ata Kronvalda Street.

The contracting authority of the new block of Sigulda State Gymnasium is the Sigulda Municipality Council, the project has been designed by Andris Kokins, the design supervision is carried out by K IDEA SIA and the construction supervision is the responsibility of Firma L4 SIA.