Last year on 23rd of February in Kleisti BMX track the young, talented Latvian rider Gustavs Pētersīlis suffered a severe injury, which radically changed his life…

Having suffered a fracture of the fifth cervical vertebra, the legs of Pētersīlis were paralyzed, and now he spends his days in a wheelchair. Before the tragedy the athlete was hoping to compete in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro as he had been included in the Latvian Olympic team. Now he will try to get to the Paralympic Games in Rio. 

Considerable funds are required to allow Gustavs to walk again, perhaps even ride his favourite bike again, which his family is unable to provide. Gustavs has a younger brother Artūrs, who dreams of once playing a ball together with Gusītis. Therefore we, the family and friends of Gustavs, are asking for donations to ensure complete rehabilitation of Gustavs.

You can donate for treatment of Gustavs Petersilis by transfer to the bank account of his mother Daira Tropa: LV68HABA0551005700841. Personal code: 100872-11563.