Continuing investment in the development of Latvian BMX biking, since 2015 ’MONUM’ has become the main supporter of Latvian BMX elite. The funds are allocated for the purchase of sports equipment, training sessions and competitions, athletes’ health care facilities, rehabilitation and transport services. 

During the company rebranding and business strategy event that took place on March 24, 2015 Latvian BMX coach Ivo Lakucs talked about cooperation with ’MONUM’: "Latvian BMX elite is really pleased for the first time in its history to have the main supporter. The significant support of ’MONUM’ is a great help to athletes on their road to the Olympics. Moreover, we are proud to announce that this year for the first time our BMX elite will participate in the World Cup competitions in Latvian favorite team shirts with the logo of ’MONUM’ on them."

With support of ’MONUM’ the BMX elite is currently conducting active preparatory work for 2016 in Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games qualification. During qualification cycle athletes earn UCI ranking points that will further the nation ranking. From 3 to 5 April, 2015 European Cup season will start in Belgium. Latvian BMX biking team is holding training camp right there, because from 21 to 25 July the world championship will be helt at the same track.