During the preparation for this year’s summer Olympics and getting inspiration from Maris Strombergs great success, a BMX track is rebuilt in Rubene, near Valmiera, based on the Rio BMX track.

In order to replicate the Rio track, rebuilding of Rubene BMX track amounts to EUR 13.9 thousand. Financial support is ensured by ’MONUM’ as the main supporter of the Latvian BMX team.

Ivo Lakucs, the head coach of the Latvian BMX team elaborating on advantages of building a replica of the Rio BMX track indicates that it will help riders master various stunts and details, for example, jumps between springboards which are quite fast in Rio. A track suited to Olympic needs is important also psychologically, “If you are prepared, you become more confident,” comments Lakucs. He also adds that learning technique on the replica will help to save time before the Rio competition. “We will be able to adapt more and master the small stunts instead of using the time for training. It will be much easier. We won’t need so many resources to get acquainted with the Rio track. There are many advantages in building the replica. Riders will be able to visualise the real track and put themselves in it already, which is highly important in BMX”, emphasizes Lakucs.