We are sure that there is growing potential for BMX in Latvia, therefore for the third consecutive year already MONUM is supporting RF MONUM both financially and morally. RF MONUM is a BMX team representing the most successful BMX club in Latvia – “Rigas favorits” and it consists of 10 talented BMX riders: Kristers Apels, Markuss Ozolins, Kristers Oiguss, Edgars Langmanis, Mikus Freimanis, Filips Krists Rozitis, Reino Liepins, Justs Lapins, Ralfs Vindelis and Edvards Veiss.

In 2015 the BMX European Cup RF MONUM took 2nd place among 27 BMX teams in the overall totals; this is a high accomplishment not yet achieved by any Latvian teams until now. This year RF MONUM hopes to win 1st place. The beginning of the season has been successful – in the 1st and 2nd round of the European Cup in Zolder, Belgium Markuss Ozolins scored a convincing victory in both rounds among the B9 youth riders, while Kristers Apels took 3rd place in the 1st round and 4th place in the 2nd round.

This season the BMX European Cup will take place in eight rounds at four different tracks. Exciting BMX competitions are expected to happen almost every weekend at one of the BMX tracks in Latvia. Moreover, on 20 August, BMX riders will have the opportunity to compete for the MONUM Challenge Cup at Mezaparks BMX track.