The multi-sector building company MONUM is one of the leading firms in the Latvian construction sector, which implements civil and industrial construction projects of various scales and degrees of complexity, carries out infrastructure construction work, as well as street and road building or reconstruction. In each and every project we are involved in, we strive for excellence and undertake responsibility for any construction matter ranging from the concept through to the execution of the project and its delivery into service.

Since MONUM was founded in 2005, we have redesigned public buildings, sports and education facilities, health and care facility buildings, as well as developing numerous infrastructure sites in over Latvian towns and cities. Among our latest accomplishments are the construction of the Sigulda Sports Centre, the construction of the Aloja District Business Support Centre – SALA Library, as well as the construction of rental apartment buildings in Valmiera, the reconstruction of Gaujas Street in Ādaži and many other important projects. The company’s clients include State-owned, municipal and privately-owned enterprises, investors, as well as other construction companies.

On average, MONUM employs about 100 employees including experienced project managers, construction works managers, cost estimators, product suppliers, procurement specialists, quality managers, administrative personnel and other professionals.

Our mission is to be an innovative and reliable cooperation partner. Constructing for you!

Quality standards

The management of ’MONUM’ is certain that one of the most crucial success factors of a company operating in construction business is the quality of the construction projects it has completed, ensuring health and occupational safety of the employees and implementing of environmental protection measures.

For the purpose of efficient management of these factors the construction company ’MONUM’ has developed a corporate management system based on the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008, which, in addition to quality requirements, integrates environmental management system requirements in conformity to ISO 14001:2004 standard and occupational health and safety system requirements in conformity to OHSAS 18001:2007 standard.

All corporate management system areas have been audited and certified in accordance with the requirements of the above standards and form the Integrated management system of the company, which aids in achievement of the common goals by combining the most important aspects of the company activities in a single system.

The Integrated management system is an integral component of the business of ’MONUM’, which allows efficient understanding and meeting of client preferences, assuring the environmental responsibility of the company, as well as ensuring healthy and safe working conditions for the employees of the company.


Professional process management is a premise of the quality of the services provided by ’MONUM’, therefore the main task of the quality management system of ’MONUM’ is to improve operation of the company by aligning internal links within the company, specifying the role, duties and responsibility of the employees in various situations and to improve the quality of the rendered services and encourage achievement of the goals set by the company.

To ensure satisfaction of our customers, business partners, owners and staff members our work is based on the following principles:

  • execution of  the client’s requirements and expectations;
  • appropriate quality assurance;
  • timely project delivery;
  • optimal procedures and exemplary performance;
  • continuous improvement, precise objectives;
  • compliance with legislative requirements;
  • long-term growth and high profitability.


Environmental policy of ‘MONUM’ is based on the awareness and compliance to the requirements of the environmental laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, control of the use of environmental resources, use of environmentally friendly technologies and materials in order to make continuous improvements and reduce the environmental impact of the company operations within the limits of its capabilities.

The core element of implementing of the environmental policy is knowledgeable and motivated employees of the company who are involved in the environmental management system, who understand the importance of the environmental aspects in the processes of their work and constantly seek new opportunities to ensure environmental protection.

The common goal of the environmental policy of the company is to encourage implementation of an environmentally friendly construction through constant identification and evaluation of the potential environmental risks, thus reducing the environmental pollution caused by the activities of ’MONUM’.

Work safety

Ensuring of safe working environment and protection measures is integral part of operation of ‘MONUM’, which specifies accurate planning and implementation of the work health and safety guidelines. Work health and safety policy of the company is oriented towards ensuring of the work safety and health protection in accordance with the requirements of the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia and other labour protection norms.

Improving the knowledge and competence of the employees of ‘MONUM’ in terms of work safety encourages the understanding of the necessity to comply with the work safety regulations among the employees and assists in creating such a working environment, in which employees and contracting parties can work in harmless and safe work places, therefore reducing the possibility of potential risks or danger of getting risk or the loss of life.

The main goal of the policy stated by the company is continuous improvement of the labour protection system, assessment and management of environmental risks in conformity to the requirements of OHSAS 18001 standard, creating safe and healthy working conditions for the employees.