Ādaži Primary School is awarded the 2nd place in the competition Latvian Construction Annual Award 2019 17.03.2020

During the award ceremony of the competition Latvian Construction Annual Award 2019, which was held on 10 March, Ādaži Primary School built by MONUM won the 2nd place in the category New Public Building.

Ādaži Primary School, called the most state-of-the-art school in the Baltics, has been highly rated in the competition among more than 160 structures in ten nominations initially entered for the competition.

Modern and inspiring learning environment

678 younger residents of Ādaži started their learning process at Ādaži Primary School in September 2019. The building measuring over 10,000 square metres accommodates 32 modern classrooms. The school has two spacious dining halls and a contemporary assembly hall. The building is fitted with a gym and two indoor playgrounds, as well as a sports ground for outdoor activities.

The design of the new school building is based on high energy efficiency principles, which will significantly reduce operating costs in the long run.

Well-organised and architecturally unified environment

The neighbouring Gaujas and Attekas Streets in the surroundings of the school have been built to create a spatially unified and architecturally outstanding urban environment. The 3rd stage of the project will be completed in the summer of 2020, resulting in the construction of a new teaching block with specialised classrooms, which will be equipped with information and communication technology solutions

The total cost of the project, including the construction of Gaujas and Attekas Streets, is more than EUR 24 million. The contracting authority of the project is Ādaži Regional Council, the construction design author is Nams SIA, and the construction supervision was carried out by Būvuzraugi LV SIA.